Iraq evacuates 3 large containers of highly dangerous materials from port

The Iraqi Border Ports Authority evacuated 3 containers loaded with highly dangerous materials at the northern port of Umm Qasr.

The Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported on Thursday that the containers that were evacuated at the northern port of Umm Qasr belong to the Ministry of Electricity.

The Border Ports Authority confirmed in a statement that the containers were evacuated in the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Electricity, and a committee formed for this purpose from the security authorities and operating at the border crossing.

The statement added that “the evacuation process took place after completing all its procedures and transporting it safely to its final destination to remove its threat to government departments and population centers.”

A violent explosion rocked the Lebanese capital of on August 4, and it turned out that its source was huge quantities of ammonium nitrate.

The explosion left enormous material damage, with losses estimated at $15 billion, according to unofficial official figures.

According to preliminary official investigations, the explosion occurred in Ward 12 of the port, which the authorities said contained about 2,750 tons of high explosive ammonium nitrate, which had been confiscated and stored since 2014.

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