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Iraq: Gov’t Forces’ Advances Cause ISIL Terrorists to Flee Salahuddin in Groups



Local sources said that the recent advances of the Iraqi army and popular forces against the ISIL in two vast regions in Salahuddin province have left no choice for the ISIL fighters and their families but to flock to Mosul in Nineveh province to find safer shelters.

“The ISIL security forces in Nineveh have increased checkpoints and prevent fleeing ISIL members and their families from entering Central parts of Mosul,” the sources said.

“We are ordered to prevent you to enter Mosul,” this is the response of the ISIL forces to fleeing members and their families.

“There have been several cases of arguments and even clashes between the ISIL security forces and fleeing people,” they further added.

In the meantime, local civilians of Southern Mosul and Northern Salahuddin who moved towards government-held regions have been warmly accepted and sent to temporary camps.

Reports said earlier today that Leader of the ISIL terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has ordered his men to arrest at least 20 field commanders in Northern Salahuddin on charges of fleeing from the battlefield and continued failures in clashes with Iraqi government forces, a commander of the Iraqi volunteer forces of Hashed al-Shaabi said.

“Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has issued a decree for the arrest of at least 20 local commanders of the Takfiri group in al-Sharqat and al-Qayara on charges of fleeing the battlefield and negligence in leading their forces in the battlefronts,” Jabar al-Ma’amouri said.

“After rapid advances of the Iraqi soldiers and popular forces in Salahuddin in the recent days, the ISIL terrorists and their families have started fleeing al-Sharqat and al-Qayara regions to Mosul to find safer shelters there,” the commander further added.

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