Iraq: ISIL Arrests, Transfers 2,000 Mosul Citizens to Tal Afar for Human Shield



Media director of Iraq’s Human Rights Commission Javad al-Shamri announced that the ISIL terrorist group has abducted hundreds of residents of the city of Mosul and taken them to the city of Tal Afar to use them as human shields against the advances of Iraq’s joint military forces.

“A sum of 2,000 residents of Mosul city have been captured by the ISIL terrorist group to be used as human shield against the Iraqi forces’ military advances,” al-Shamri said.

He, meantime, said the ISIL has also arrested and executed 25 people in different parts of Iraq’s Nineveh province and refrains from handing over their dead bodies to their families.

The ISIL will also execute people if it finds out that they have computers, telephones or other communication devices and equipment.

In a relevant development in early November, Deputy Chief of the Nineveh Provincial Council Noureddin Qablan announced that the ISIL terrorist group has arrested thousands of civilians in Tal Afar city to use them as human shield.

“A sum of 20,000 citizens of Tal Afar, specially Abata Hill (Tal Abata) and Mahlabieh districts, have been detained by the ISIL terrorist group to be used as human shields,” Qablan said.

He noted that the ISIL also forced hundreds of families of Tal Afar city to leave their homes and move to al-Ba’aj region and the Syrian territories.

“The intelligence obtained from the ISIL terrorists in Tal Afar confirms that most of the ISIL terrorists of Tal Afar are foreigners and only some of them are Iraqis,” Qablan added.

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