Iraq mulls replacing US trainers with Muslim countries’ trainers

Iraqi Vice-President Tariq al-Hashimi has welcomed a proposal to replace American military trainers with skilled veteran officers from various Muslim countries.

Offering his support for the motion in a statement, al-Hashimi said the insistence of US military officials on the judicial immunity of American trainers in Iraq and the refusal of the Iraqis to grant the privilege has prompted Iraqi authorities to consider the proposal.

The move was initially offered by a member of Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, Hossein Ali, who suggested that Baghdad should replace the US trainers with highly skilled veteran officers from Islamic states for training the Iraqi soldiers.

He further pointed out that many Muslim countries such as Iran enjoy high capabilities in military training and can well replace the US trainers.

Contrary to the US troops, Muslim trainers share many common grounds with Iraq’s security forces and can establish a cordial relationship with them, Ali earlier said.

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