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Iraq raps Israeli threats against Iran


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has condemned Israeli threats against Iran, warning of the possible repercussions of taking military action against Tehran.

“Iraq’s position is against the threat of any Israeli military action against Iran,” Maliki said, according to a Monday report by the Syrian Arabic News Agency (SANA).

“The possible reactions to such a move may drag the region into war or draw other parties into the conflict considering the war-ridden situation of the region,” he added.

Maliki called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities, by pressuring Tel Aviv into abandoning its threats against Tehran and avoiding any action that could endanger the already war-torn region.

“The world should tie Israel’s hands, as it is trying to involve the world [in a new conflict],” said the Iraqi prime minister.

The Israeli Government has repeatedly threatened military action against Iran’s nuclear sites, which are under the strict supervision of UN watchdog inspectors.

Tel Aviv, the region’s sole nuclear-armed regime, claims that Tehran has plans to militarize its civilian nuclear program.

Iran, which unlike Israel is a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), however, insists that it has no such intentions.

Back in 2008, there were speculations that in case of such an attack Israeli war-planes may use Iraqi air-space to attack Iran, after getting the green-light from their ally the United States.

That idea, however, seems more and more unlikely as Iraqi officials, who always opposed the notion, made sure to assert their right to control the country’s air-space in the security pact they signed with the US occupying forces back in November 2008.

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