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“Iraq unity prayer proves resistance against intrigues, dispersion.”

Iraq unity prayer

Top Iraqi official praised the joint Friday prayer attended by Shia-Sunni Muslims in the country saying that the move proves Iraq will never submit to intrigues and dispersion.

Adnan Al Seraj, nember of Iraq’s State of Law Coalition, in an interview with Al Alam TV channel hailed the innovation of Iraqi religious community to hold unity prayer and said the message of this Friday prayer was that Iraq will never submit to misuse of other countries’ from marginal religious disagreements whose only objective is disintegration of the country, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

This Iraqi official said those invited to the unity prayers maintain the interests of their country.

He highlighted the mission of the coalition to confront sectarian provocations and said launching religious centers like Shia and Sunni Endowment centers in Iraq aimed at boosting solidarity in the country.

Following the escalation of terror attacks targeting religious Shia-Sunni centers in Iraq, Preme MInister Nouri Al Maliki proposed a joint prayer to be held by followers of different Islamic denominations to show the solidarity among Islamic communities.

The move is hoped to foil moves to provoke Islamic communities to blame each other for the recent terror attacks.

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