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Iraqi Air Force wipes out entire ISIS base in Salaheddine

The Iraqi Air Force carried out a strategic attack on Sunday that targeted an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) base in the Salaheddine District.

According to a military statement on Sunday, an “Iraqi F-16 aircraft carried out an airstrike that resulted in the destruction of a hideout belonging ISIS gangs within the Salaheddine Governorate.

The military statement said that the Iraqi Air Force’s attack resulted in the death of several terrorists and the destruction of the ISIS base.

In December of 2017, Iraq declared the liberation of its entire territory from the grip of the Islamic State after nearly three and a half years of war against the terrorist group.

Despite liberating their territory from the Islamic State, the Iraqi Armed Forces still face threats from terrorist sleeper cells that wreak havoc on the people across the country.

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