Iraqi Army arrests two ISIL elements in Diyala

During a counter-terrorist operation in the Jalula of Diyala Governate, Iraqi army forces identified and arrested two previously wanted Takfiri elements.

Iraqi forces launched a new operation against ISIL terrorists in Diyala Governate, as the counter-terrorist operations of these forces continue in different parts of the country.

During the operation, Iraqi army forces smashed the positions of Takfiri terrorists in Jalula, two ISIL terrorist elements were identified and arrested.

Iraqi security officials said the detainees were dangerous terrorists who had long been pursued by the intelligence and security services.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force known as Hashd al-Shaabi arrested 3 ISIL terrorists during an operation in Diyala Governate yesterday.

As the Iraqi official informed since last September, 17 leaders of ISIL takfiri terrorists, who were previously wanted in several provinces, have been killed by security forces.

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