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Iraqi army intensifies assault to liberate Tikrit


The plan from the Tikrit operations that the Iraqi forces started implementing aims at capturing 5 thousand kilometers. The areas under the Iraqi forces control now is around one thousand five hundred kilometers which is one third of the desired area.
The Iraqi army now is working on five different directions aiming at surrounding Takfiri from different areas to weaken terrorists before the attack on the city starts. Hundred and fifty militants are now present inside the city all of them snipers and suicide bombers. The army told us that most of them are from North Africa, Algeria and Tunisia mainly.

Most of the areas on the way from Samerra to Makishifa are liberated yet you still hear the sound of gun shots every now and then.
Two weeks ago we were here in Makishifa and it was totally liberated and safe. Today we are here and Makishifa is separated into two parts: this part which is here which is still safe but the other part is not because ISIL snipers can reach it.
Fighters said that the fight was not easy because of several factors which are the explosive devices, snipers and using civilians as human shields.
The Takfiri operations command did not mention a time frame for the operations but officials are optimistic that in the coming few hours major advances will be witnessed.

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