Iraqi Army on Verge on Full Liberation in Anbar Province


The Iraqi Army is about to kick off a fresh round of anti-ISIL operation to capture the remaining terrorist-held parts of Anbar province after the government forces drove ISIL out of the border town of al-Qa’em on Friday, field sources reported on Monday.

The sources said that the Iraqi Armed Forces are preparing to storm the last ISIL stronghold in Iraq, following their recent victory against the terrorists and capture of the town of al-Qa’em in Western Anbar at border with Syria.

The sources added that the Iraqi forces, led by Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units), have completely surrounded the key town of Rawa in preparation for the upcoming battle against the remaining ISIL terrorists in Iraq.

If the Iraqi forces capture Rawa they will drive the ISIL out of the region and will see Anbar free after three years of terrorists’ occupation.

The Iraqi forces managed to capture al-Qa’em near the Syria’s border from the ISIL group on Friday.

“Army troops backed by Hashd al-Shaabi fighters and Arab tribal volunteers have completely liberated the town of al-Qa’em’s center,” Colonel Walid al-Duleimi said.

 “The Iraqi national flag has been raised over the town’s local government headquarters,” he added.

The commander stressed that Iraqi forces also established control over the nearby al-Qa’em border crossing.

Also, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that Iraqi forces retook control of the town of al-Qa’em from ISIL terrorists, congratulating the troops on their latest victory against the terrorist group.

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