Iraqi army takes complete control of Al-Anbar desert

The Command of Al-Anbar Operations in Iraq announced that the country’s army forces finally managed to take complete control of the Al-Anbar desert.

Iraqi army forces continue their series of counter-terrorist operations in different parts of the country. In this regard, Nasser Al-Ghannam, the commander of the Al-Anbar Operation announced the realization of new achievements by the Iraqi forces, Al-Furat reported.

According to the report, the commander announced that Iraqi forces managed to take full control of the Al-Anbar desert after clearing it of the remnants of terrorist elements of the ISIL.

 “Currently, there are no ISIL terrorist elements in the Al-Anbar desert,” he said.

“During their latest operation against the remnants of the Takfiris in the Al-Anbar desert, the Iraqi army forces destroyed several vehicles belonging to them and seized some of their weapons,” Al-Ghannam added. 

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