Iraqi army captures 7 terrorists before massacre a thousand soldiers


Iraqi forces have released on video the capture of seven ISIS fighters in Western Mosul.

The captured jihadists were wanted for their role in the Speicher massacre where between 1,566 to 1,700 Iraqi soldiers were summarily slaughtered by ISIS.

Iraqi politician Mish’an al-Jubori explained the massacre: “Some of the chief officers of the camp ordered the cadets to have a rest for 15 days and to go to their families, with civilian clothes. While they were walking on the highway looking for a bus to take them near Baghdad,” he said.

“Then two buses being driven by Ayman Sabawi Ibrahim, the son of Saddam Hussein’s half brother, Sabawi Ibrahim al-Tikriti, stopped near them with 10 armed men inside of them. They told the cadets that they were from the Arab tribes of Tikrit, and told them to follow them until they find buses to get them to Baghdad.[5] Instead, several buses with ISIS members in them kidnapped the cadets and brought them to the Al-Qusour Al-Re’asiya region (The Presidential Palaces), where they committed the massacre,” he described.

The fate of the terrorists responsible for the massacre is not yet known.

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