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Iraqi Forces Kill 10 ISIL Terrorists in Salahuddin


The Iraqi security forces killed 10 ISIL terrorists, including a senior leader of the terrorist group, during violent clashes in Northern Tikrit in Salahuddin province.
“A security force clashed with a group of ISIL militants near the bridge of al-Fatha in Northern Tikrit, killing 10 terrorists, including a senior leader of the group known as Abu Qatiba al-Karboli,”a security source said on Wednesday, adding “The force has returned to the headquarters in Baiji after completing the mission.”

Noteworthy, the bridge of al-Fatha has reportedly been targeted by the ISIL terrorists. Al-Fatha bridge links between the areas of Northern and Eastern Salahuddin as well as the Eastern areas of the province of Kirkuk.

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