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Iraqi forces kill 8 ISIS terrorists in Diyala, Salaheddine provinces

The Iraqi Armed Forces killed at least eight members of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization in the Diyala and Salaheddine provinces yesterday, Iraq News reported this morning.

Citing an interview Alghad Press had with the head of Diyala’s provincial council, Mohammad Daifan Al-Obeidi, Iraq news reported that an airstrike killed eight members of the Islamic State along the provincial border of Diyala and Salaheddine.

Al-Obeidi added that the Islamic State is still active between the Diyala and Salaheddine provinces, despite the Iraqi military’s recent efforts to eliminate the terrorist group’s sleeper cells.

The Iraqi Armed Forces have been actively working to identify and destroy these Islamic State sleeper cells, but the terrorist group often slips into the desert once these operations begin.

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