Iraqi MP: Barzani Should Account for Mosul’s Fall


Parliamentary officials in Baghdad said President of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government Massoud Barzani will be required to explain why the oil-rich city of Mosul fell into the hands of ISIL so easily.

“Barzani should answer the inquiry committee’s questions as far as his responsibility goes since the issue is highly sensitive,” Intisar al-Qaribawi told FNA on Sunday.

He said that Barzani’s responses to the questions will facilitate the committee’s investigations and will remove ambiguities about Mosul’s fall to ISIL.

Qaribawi expressed the hope that Iraqi officials would cooperate with the inquiry committee in finding the reasons for Mosul’s fall.

The sudden collapse of large units of Iraqi forces during hours in front of a few thousands of ISIL elements has raised debate about what happened precisely in Mosul, after reports indicated the withdrawal of the army commanders while soldiers were left to their fate.

Last November, the parliament formed a committee to investigate the causes and consequences of the fall of Mosul city by ISIL last June.

The Committee began its work by hosting a number of security chiefs, including the former commander of the ground forces, the commander of Nineveh operations in addition to the former commanders of brigades, military units and a number of members of Nineveh Provincial Council.

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