Iraqi PM: No part of Iraqi soil held by Daesh


Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar Al-Abadi said late Tuesday that currently no part of the Iraqi territory is held by the terrorist group Daesh.

He further noted in his weekly press conference that operations to purge the Iraqi territory from Daesh forces are still going ahead.

Al-Abadi’s statement came in reaction to certain critics who claimed it was too soon to declare the end of military war with Daesh.

Contending that putting an end to Daesh throughout Iraq and the region takes time, as the terrorists’ thought has ideological dimensions.

He also called on Independent High Commission on Election in Iraq, which is in charge of holding the upcoming parliamentary elections in the country, to observe impartiality.

Noting that Iraq has control over its borders with Syria, Al-Abadi said that foreign forces are operating in Baghdad only with Baghdad’s approval.

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