Iraqi religious leader urges politicians to set aside differences


Seyed Ahmad al-Safi, who represents Grand Ayatollah Seyed Ali Sistani, asked Iraqi politicians and statesmen to review their own past functions, which have damaged the country.

He underlined that in current sensitive situation, a heavy responsibility is on the shoulders of all Iraqi statesmen and they should pay attention to the issue.

Al-Safi continued that past experiences have proved that political differences and disputes, especially in the fields of security and military, can badly damage the country.

The most dangerous result of the disputes and differences is emergence of terrorism in Iraq, he added.

In another sermon in Karbala Friday Prayers, representative of the grand ayatollah called on Iraqi officials to fight against all sources of corruption in military and uproot them.

Referring to wrong and nonessential structure of Iraqi military, which was founded in the year 2003, al-Safi said that political differences have caused corruption in military organs and have weakened military organizations, while huge budget has been spending on them.

Current structure of the Iraqi military has been founded by the US military in the year 2003 after occupation of the country.

Seyed Ahmad al-Safi said Iraqi military and security forces are directly responsible to confront any foreign danger, which is threatening Iraqi citizens.

Meanwhile, he praised recent victories of the military in war against ISIS forces.

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