Iraqi Security Forces Dismantle Terrorist Groups in Southern Baghdad

13930322000027_PhotoIIraq’s security forces annihilated several terrorist groups in the Southern parts of the capital on Monday.
The security forces raided the hideouts of the terrorist groups in Al-Dorreh and Al-Ghazaliyeh regions in the capital, killing and injuring scores of terrorists and arresting others.

Al-Dorreh is a region in Southern Baghdad and along the Western coasts of Tigris River. Many important government organizations and centers as well as Al-Dorreh Oil Refinery and Al-Dorreh Electricity Post are located in AL-Dorreh region.

Meantime, reports from Mosul said Pishmarga forces have discovered and dismantled explosive packages in Western Mosul.

Other reports said Iraq’s army continues its advances in the Northern parts of the country.

Earlier in the day, Iraqi fighter jets killed three ISIL terrorists in an air raid in Northern Baquba.

“The Iraqi Army warplanes targeted and killed three terrorists in Injana village located between Salahuddin and Diyala provinces,” security sources said on Monday morning.

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