Iraqi Security Official Believes in Domino Effect of Al-Douri’s Death on ISIL’s Collapse


The death of Izzat Al Douri, deputy of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and a founder of ISIL terrorist group, heralds the imminent defeat and collapse of the terrorist group, security sources said on Saturday.

“Al-Douri’s death has kicked off a domino of ISIL’s defeat in the battlefield against Iraq’s security and popular forces in Iraq,” Member of Salahuddin Provincial Council’s Security Committee Khaled Jessam told FNA on Saturday.

Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, former Iraqi general and Vice Chairman of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council, was killed in Iraq on Friday.

Jessam reminded that Baghdad laboratories are conducting DNA tests on Al-Douri, and once the test results confirm his death international backup for him and his subordinates will come to a halt, making it easier for the Iraqi army and popular forces to destroy terrorist groups such as ISIL.

Secretary-General of the popular Badr Organization Hadi al-Ameri revealed yesterday that Al Douri had been killed during an Operation by Iraqi popular forces in Salahuddin province in Iraq on Friday.

Al-Douri, 73, was a former Iraqi general and a commander of the Army of Saddam Hussein’s regime. He was an Iraqi military commander and Vice Chairman of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council, until the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq.

Following the US invasion, he escaped and remained at large. But after a few months, intelligence reports showed that he was leading rebel operations in the country.

Al-Douri designed and led terrorist, specially the Al-Qaeda, operations in Iraq.

Regional intelligence agencies had chased him down in Western and Northwestern Iraq.

Al-Douri was one of the main officials of Saddam Hussein’s chemical arms program and played a major role in the chemical attacks on Iran during the 1980s war as well as the attack on the Northern Iraqi city of Halabche that killed 5,000 civilians.

According to Iranian and Russian intel, he has been providing terrorists in Syria with chemical agents and training for manufacturing chemical weapons.


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