Iraqi Shia Forces Say Will Join Army Offensive to Retake Mosul from ISIS

Iraqi Shia Forces Say Will Join Army Offensive to Retake Mosul from ISIS

The Iraqi Army forces, in a major development, has entered the strategic city of Heet in the province, and the operation to win back the city and army has intensified its attacks to eventually boot out the ISIS from the group’s stronghold city of Mosul.

Iraqi officials revealed that the country’s security forces gained the control of more than 70% of Heet in the Western province of Ramadi, saying that they expect to capture the remaining parts of the strategic city in the next few hours.

“The security forces continue the operation to liberate the city of Heet,” the Head of Heet city council, Mohammed Mohannad al-Heeti said in a brief statement.

“ISIS is now in control of less than 30% of the city, and those areas do not exceed five square kilometers,” he pointed out.

The official added that remnants of ISIS terrorists in Heet are currently besieged, and the next few hours will be crucial for the military troops who managed to advance in all the directions around the city of Heet and cross the Euphrates River.

Since early this week, Iraqi security forces have been taking control of more districts in the city of Heet in Iraq’s Western province of Anbar from ISIS militants.

The Iraqi security forces continued to impose their control over more districts across the city of Heet and, yesterday, managed to liberate the city’s main government compound, Al-Sa’a roundabout, Al-M’lamin neighbourhood and Courthouse of the city.


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