IRGC Commander Reiterates Enemies’ Failure in Creating Insecurity at Iranian Borders


Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari underlined the good security situation along Iran’s borders, and said the regional and trans-regional states have failed in their plots to disturb security and stability in the country’s bordering areas.
“We thank God for the security that has been established in the Southeastern parts of the country despite all the investments of our trans-regional enemies, including the Americans and the Zionists, as well as certain regional enemies and despite their too much planning,” Jafari told reporters in a ceremony to commemorate the IRGC Ground Force’s commanders in Tehran on Monday.

“After establishment of security as a responsibility was entrusted on the people, a very good level of security was established in the bordering areas, specially in the Southeastern parts of the country,” he added.

In relevant remarks today, Jafari’s deputy Brigadier General Hossein Salami underlined his forces’ full control over the bordering areas, and said the terrorists who recently attacked the border town of Saravan in Southeastern Iran used all their military power, but failed achieve their objectives.

“They came to Saravan with all their military wealth and power but failed to resist against the Balouch people (the people who live in Iran’s Sistan and Balouchestan province) and the IRGC forces and escaped after sustaining casualties,” Salami told reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony to commemorate the IRGC Ground Force’s martyrs in Tehran on Monday.

“Terrorist actions are like mosquito bites and they lack weight and effects. They (the terrorists) are the infantry units who obey the policies of the arrogant and big powers that are leading them,” he added.

Salami underscored that the IRGC enjoys full control over the bordering areas and its reactions to terrorist actions are timely, swift and appropriate.

His remarks came after four Iranian police officers, including a conscript, were killed in two terrorist attacks on a border post in Sistan and Balouchestan earlier this month.

The tragic event took place in the vicinity of the city of Saravan near the border with Pakistan where the terrorists fled after the attack.

Iranian security forces in Sistan and Balouchestan province identified and arrested several suspects in relation to the killing of four police officers in Saravan.

The provincial police chief Brigadier General Hossein Rahimi said last week that three of the officers were killed when they, along with other patrol police forces, came under attack by armed bandits while on a mission in the city of Saravan.

Following the incident, he added, the police immediately blocked routes used by terrorists, which led to a shootout between the gunmen and police forces at a checkpoint.

According to the police chief, a number of perpetrators were identified and arrested in a surprise attack on the gunmen, which prompted them to fire rockets, in retaliation, on a police station in Saravan. Another police officer was killed in the incident, he added.

The police will use everything in their power to seriously confront thugs and armed bandits in the province, he warned.

Sistan and Balouchestan Province has been the scene of a number of terrorist attacks in recent years.

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