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IRGC, ready for confronting enemies threats

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) stressed on its full readiness for a hard confrontation with any possible American and Zionists’ foolishness.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the IRGC called the Islamic Revolution Leader’s wishes and directions regarding the necessity of promoting unity and harmony among the system’s officials and the intelligence and vigilance of the Iranian nation as the final word.

Explaining the dimensions of the country’s deterring power and the IRGC’s all-out readiness in different areas for defending the Revolution and the Islamic homeland and guarding the system’s values and goals, the statement read: “The IRGC, by adhering to the wishes and orders of IR Leader and the Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces, absolute compliance with the Valiye Faqih, relying on its strong defense abilities and full intelligence dominance on the country’s peripheral situation, has reached a degree of readiness that can confront any practical threat and possible foolishness by big and small enemies with decisive and serious reply, target them in any point by making use of the capability of mobilizing the Islamic world and impose an definite defeat on the enemies in a decisive battle.”

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