IRGC tests three home-made defense weapons


Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has put to the test new domestically designed and manufactured military hardware, including a high-explosive mine, a sniper rifle and a triple-barrel cannon.

According to Press TV, on Sunday, the IRGC Ground Forces tested a remote-controlled roadside mine, dubbed “Ramait,” which is capable of destroying an armored column within a radius of 100-150 meters with high precision.

Commander of the IRGC Ground Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour hailed the capabilities of the Ramait roadside mine and said its mass-production would begin on Monday.

Meanwhile, a rotating three-barreled cannon, named “Asefeh,” also underwent testing during the ceremony. The 23mm-caliber cannon, which can fire 900 rounds per minute, could be used to target intruding cruise missiles and low-altitude flying objects.

The IRGC Ground Forces also conducted a test on the “Fateh” sniper rifle which is capable of firing 5.56-mm bullets.

In recent years, Iran has made major breakthroughs in its defense sector and attained self-sufficiency in producing important military equipment and systems.

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