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IRGC Warns Tel Aviv Regime against Adventurism

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Hossein Salami strongly warned the Israeli regime that any wrong move will trigger the IRGC's rigid and devastating response.

“It is enough for the Zionist regime to make a mistake, an operation in holy Quds would be enough,” General Salami said.

He confirmed that Lebanon owns 100,000 missiles that are ready to have hell break loose on the Israeli enemy.

In relevant remarks in late June, General Salami said that the Zionist regime has collapsed politically and the US seeks a reputable withdrawal from the region.

“If you follow the news, you will see that the Zionist regime has collapsed politically and the US is seeking a reputable escape from the Islamic world,” General Salami said.

He also said that Iran’s history is full of confrontations with different enemies, noting that the side who always had to retreat was the enemy.

General Salami described the enemies as dull, incapable and desperate to pursue their goals, saying, “The desperate arrogant powers seek to find a way out.”

Meanwhile, the IRGC chief said the enemies could not believe that the Islamic Revolution is going to celebrate its 44th anniversary despite all their malicious attempts and plots.

“The enemy did not think the Iranian nation would come out victorious for 44 years in a continuous and global struggle,” General Salami underlined.

He added that “the (Iranian) people who have given hundreds of thousands of martyrs to preserve the Establishment and their revolution will never give up the ideals and goals of the revolution and will not be separated from their Imam”.

“The country is gaining more strength and in the near future Iran will be one of the world’s top powers,” General Salami stressed.

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