IRIB launches Full HD ‘Tamasha’ drama channel

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has launched another Full High-Definition (HD) network that airs Iranian and foreign TV series.

The new over-the-air digital channel, called Tamasha, kicked off with a limited broadcast in Tehran on Friday. The network will soon start its 24-hour screening all over Iran.

A digital-to-analogue converter (set-top) box is required to watch the channel on analogue television sets inside Iran.

The channel can soon be received on Badr satellite, frequency: 11881 MHz, horizontal position, symbol rate: 27500, FEC ¾. A Full HD receiver is needed to receive the channel.

IRIB inaugurated its 24/7 Arabic- and Farsi-language iFilm network on September 9, 2010. The channel airs Iranian-made movies and TV dramas for viewers inside Iran and across the Arab World.

The iFilm international channel broadcasts on Hot Bird 8, frequency: 12015 MHz, horizontal polarization, symbol rate: 27500, FEC ¾; and Badr 4 (Arabsat), frequency: 12092 MHz, vertical polarization, symbol rate: 27500, FEC ¾.

It can also be received on Atlantic Bird 4A (Nilesat), frequency: 10727 MHz, horizontal position, symbol rate: 27500, FEC ¾; and Express AM22, frequency: 12582 MHz, vertical position, symbol rate: 24000, FEC 2/3.

IRIB launched its second 24/7 movie network, named Namayesh, on January 24 this year.

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