ISIL Executed 2000 Civilians in 6 Month – Report


In the past six months, the ISIL terrorist group has killed 1,878 people in Syria, mostly civilians, a British-based Syrian monitoring organization revealed in its report, adding that the “real number killed by ISIL is higher.” As many as 1,175 civilians, 930 of whom are from al- Shaitaat tribe in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, were executed by beheading, shooting or stoning. These included four children and eight women in the provinces of Deir Ezzor, al- Raqqa, al- Hasakah, Aleppo, Homs and Hama.

The report also added that the victims were either shot dead, beheaded or stoned to death in several Syrian provinces.
It noted that the ISIL terrorists “executed” 502 soldiers and pro-Syrian government fighters in the same period.
The British-based Syrian monitoring organization added that the Takfiris also killed nearly 120 of its own members for trying to flee to their homeland and 80 members of the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, al-Nusra Front.

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