ISIL Offensives Repulsed by Syrian Army, NDF in Deir Ezzur



The Syrian Army troops alongside the National Defense Forces (NDF) repelled an ISIL attempts to prevail over the government forces’ strongholds near a vital military airport in the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur.

The Syrian government forces fended off the ISIL offensive to break through their positions near Deir Ezzur airbase and forced the terrorist group to pull forces back from the battlefield.

The ISIL left behind tens of the dead or wounded members and fled the battlefront to evade more casualties.

Reports said earlier today that the predominately Kurdish ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF), in a tough battle, drove the ISIL terrorists back from more territories in the Northern parts of Deir Ezzur province and took full control over a small but strategic town in the region.

The ISIL left behind tens of the dead and wounded members and withdrew the remaining pockets of its forces from the town of Qashqash under the heavy offensive of the SDF.

The heavy attacks of the SDF forced the ISIL to retreat further South along the Khabur River.

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