ISIL Perplexed after Freedom of al-Houl Village by Syrian Forces


The ISIL terrorists are reported to be making confused moves after the recapture of the strategic village of al-Houl in Eastern countryside of Hasaka province by the Syrian forces.

“The Democratic Syrian Forces attacked the terrorists from the Eastern parts of al-Houl and regained its control after surrounding the village from three dimensions,” field sources told FNA on Saturday.

The Syrian forces’ offensive bewildered the terrorists and they started setting fire to al-Houl residents’ houses for their disobedience to their orders, the sources said, adding that the ISIL has also kidnapped several residents and transferred them to al-Shadadi region.

The sources said that clashes still continue around the village.

The Syrian forces and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) started purging the Eastern and Southern parts of Hasaka province of Takfiri terrorists on Monday after seizing back a large number of regions that included several villages.

The joint Syrian forces attacked the terrorists’ positions along al-Shadadi-Hasaka road and purged terrorists from the villages of Tal Seren and Rajm al-Seyran in the Southern parts of the Hasaka province.

Heavy clashes are underway in the Southern parts of Hasaka province as the army is advancing and seizing back more regions.

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