ISIL Terrorists Flee in Large Groups as Army Advances in Badiyeh of Sweida

The ISIL terrorists fled to the depth of their last stronghold in Eastern Badiyeh (desert) of Sweida as the Syrian army is inching closer to a full cleansing of the region.

The army units engaged in heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists in Northwestern Taloul al-Safa, advancing in Qa’a al-Banat region and regaining control of several points.

Meantime, the Syrian army forces killed tens of ISIL terrorists in a high rocky land, taking back military control of the militants’ water resources.

A field source referred to the army troops’ advances in Taloul al-Safa region, and said the terrorists fled to the depth of the region in groups and abandoned their weapons and equipment as the army advanced in the area.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the Syrian army men managed to drive ISIL out of more lands in Taloul al-Safa region in the Eastern deserts of Sweida.

The army soldiers engaged in fresh battle with ISIL Northeast of Taloul al-Safa in Eastern desert of Sweida, advancing 7km in the depth of terrorists’ positions.

In the meantime, the army’s artillery and missile units and aircraft pounded the positions and movements of ISIL in the same region, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

Fields sources, meantime, reported that the army men have reached at Talal Marati region as terrorists retreated towards the depth of the rocky heights.

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