ISIL’s Military Leader Killed in Saadia

13930415000576_PhotoIIraqi security forces killed the military leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist gangs in Saadia sub-district, Northeast of Baquba, capital of Diyala province.
“The ISIL’s military leader has been killed during clashes with the security forces that erupted in Saadia sub-district of Diyala province on Sunday,” security sources said.

Elsewhere, a senior ISIL commander and two of his aides were killed by the Iraqi army in Abu-Shahab, in Ramadi city of Al-Anbar province.

Al-Mayadeen Arabic-language TV said the slain terrorist commander was Sa’d Adham al-Na’emi.

Several other ISIL commanders were also killed on Saturday. A senior ISIL commander was killed by tribesmen in the Northern Iraqi city of Hawijah.

18 terrorists were killed when the Iraqi air force on Saturday morning bombed the shelter of ISIL terrorist gangs in al-Fahd village of the Left Coast district in Northern Salahuddin province.

Iraqi warplanes also targeted three oil tankers stolen by the Takfiri militants from a village South of the Northern city of Kirkuk.

The army also launched successful attacks on the militants in Salahuddin’s neighboring province of Diyala and in Kirkuk Governorate. The attack in Diyala targeted the militants in the Masuriyat al-Jabal area, Northeast of the provincial capital Baquba.

Also, Iraqi security and popular forces killed Mohammed Jendal al-Janabi, the ISIL’s top military commander, in Jurf al-Sakhar sub-district, 45 km Northwest of Hilla, Babil province.

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