ISIS nearly defeated in Deir Ezzor City as Syrian Army troops liberate more areas


ISIS forces inside Deir Ezzor City are being driven to the Euphrates, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their allies regain control of several neighborhoods inside the provincial capital.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Arab Army scored another major advance inside the provincial capital, liberating the large Al-Jubeileh District and nearby Al-Kanamat.

In addition to liberating these districts, the Syrian Arab Army also took control of Central Park and the Al-Nour Hospital, leaving ISIS in serious trouble inside the Al-Hamidiyah Quarter.

With nearly half of the Al-Hamidiyah Quarter liberated, the Syrian Arab Army will soon turn their attention to the Sheikh Yassine District, which has long been under the control of the Islamic State.

Once these areas are liberated, the Syrian Arab Army should be in full control of the provincial capital for the first time since 2012.

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