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Islamic Awakening: Jordanian protesters hold nationwide demos

hbeig20121228210202717Jordanian protesters have taken to the streets across the country to call for political reforms and price cuts.

During demonstrations on Friday, protesters called on the government to prevent the prices of everyday goods, and especially fuel, from rising, Jordan’s Petra news agency reported.

Prices of everyday items have soared in Jordan in recent months.

The prices of natural gas cylinders, diesel fuel, and gasoline increased by 54, 33, and 15 percent respectively on November 13, when government subsidies were withdrawn to tackle a budget deficit of 3.5 billion dinars ($5 billion).

The demonstrators also chanted slogans against the country’s intelligence agency, demanded the release of prisoners arrested during previous anti-government demonstrations, and called for a boycott of parliamentary elections scheduled for January 23.

Jordanians have been holding demonstrations since January 2011, demanding political reforms, including the election of the prime minister by popular vote and an end to corruption.

Since the demonstrations began, Jordanian ruler King Abdullah II has sacked three prime ministers to appease the protesters.

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