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Islamic Awakening: Tunisian MP Views Islamist Parties’ Victory as “Message of Resistance

The victory of Islamist parties in post-revolution elections in the regional states proves the failure of the efforts made by the US and Zionists to hijack the regional revolutions and is, in fact, a message of resistance against the US and zionist Israel, a Tunisian lawmaker stated.

“The victory of Islamist parties in elections was, indeed, a message emphasizing that people have chosen the option of resistance and standing against the American and Israelis’ aggressions,” member of the Tunisian National Assembly Tahir Hamilah stated.

He said that people’s opposition to the US and Zionists’ policies would leave strong impacts on the policies of the Arab regimes, and the western states took action against the revolution in Libya and protests in Syria in a bid to foil such effects and misuse these revolutions in their own interests through recruiting some regional regimes.

Islamist parties have been experiencing a chain of victories in the post-revolution elections held in several regional countries.

In October and nine months after the ouster of dictator Ben Ali, Tunisians voted for a constituent assembly which will be tasked with writing a new constitution and charting the country’s post-revolution future.

The once-banned Islamist party, the Al-Nahda, won 90 of 217 seats, 41.47 percent, in the new assembly that will rewrite the constitution and appoint a president and caretaker government.

Also, Ikhwan Al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood)’s Freedom and Justice Party won a majority of seats in parliamentary elections in Egypt.

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