Islamic Jihad: Crossing of Hezbollah Drones into Palestine’s Airspace is a Major Military Achievement

The spokesman of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement, Dawood Shehab, stressed that the crossing of Hezbollah drones into Palestine’s airspace to monitor the Israeli military activities and drills expected to be followed by an aggression on Lebanon, Syria or Gaza is a major and strategic achievement that reflects the augmenting military capabilities of the Resistance.

Shehab highlighted indications about imminent Zionist aggression on Gaza, stressing that the Palestinian resistance is ready to confront all the possibilities.

In the last episode of Al-Manar TV Channel’s Documentary, Secrets of Second Liberation, Hezbollah drones appeared capturing footage of the Zionist military command sites in the occupied Galilee and Shebaa Farms, called Brannite and Rowaysat Al-Alam respectively.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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