Islamic Jihad: The resistance weapon is undebatable

images_News_2014_06_08_Batsh-0_300_0Senior Islamic Jihad official Khaled Al-Batesh said that any discussions about the weapons of the resistance are unacceptable, affirming that the armed resistance is legitimate and protected by the national reconciliation agreement.

“We do not accept at all any discussion about the resistance weapon,” Batesh stated in press remarks during the global march to Jerusalem on Friday in Gaza.

“The talk in the reconciliation meetings was about the illegal military formations that are involved in security chaos like the death squad, the special office, and the likes,” the Islamic Jihad official added.

“As for the resistance weapon, it is used to defend the Palestinian people and it cannot be in any way an object of discussion, wrangling and inflated claims,” he stressed, adding that the resistance weapon will be used for the liberation of Palestine.

Israeli war minister Moshe Ya’alon had called on Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas to disarm the resistance in Gaza and impose his control on its affairs.

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