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Islamic Jihad: The Unexpected Retaliation Is Coming, Fire Range to Be Expanded

Islamic Jihad Palestinian resistance warned on Tuesday that the resistance’s upcoming retaliations for the Israeli aggression on Gaza will be unexpected.

In a statement issued on Tuesday the movement’s military wing, Al-Quds Brigades, noted that “so far, our retaliations have been traditional and expected,” stressing that the “unexpected is coming in the upcoming hours.”

“The painful strikes caused by the resistance rockets are normal response to the Zionist enemy’s crimes and arrogance which targeted our people,” Abu Hamza, Al-Quds Brigades’ spokesman said in the statement.

Meanwhile, the spokesman said that the resistance command decided to expand the fire range of the rockets in response for targeting residential areas and civilian targets in Gaza.

“The resistance’s decision now concerns Zionist settlers in Tel Aviv: Stay in your shelters,” Abu Hamza addressed Israeli settlers in Tel Aviv.

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