Islamic Jihad: Ties with Tehran, Damascus bolsters resistance

“Islamic Jihad” Official says “the Strength of resistance today in Gaza, is dozens of times better than it was during the Israeli aggression in 2009 thanks to the relationship we have with the resistance in Lebanon, Syria and Iran.”

During a meeting organized by the “Cultural Center of the Imam Khomeini” in Baalbek, attended by representatives of Palestinian factions and parties, national and Islamic figures, Khaled Tabsh, an Islamic Jihad official said “We are facing a real confrontation with the Zionist enemy, despite the imbalance of power, but our only option is steadfastness and resistance, and keeping the battle open with the enemy, waiting for the moment so the balance be in our favor”.

“Today the enemy lost ally regimes, while we win the oppressed peoples in the past, he could not bear another military defeat on the land of Palestine,” Tabsh said referring to the Tel Aviv’s political row
with Turkey and Egypt.

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