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Islamic Movement in Nigeria mark Quds Day massacre

This year’s International Quds Day conference was held to coincide with the seventh anniversary of the 2014 Quds Day Massacre. The carnage happened when 35 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, who were protesting the persecution of Palestinians by the Israeli regime, were killed by Nigerian army troops.

On July 25, 2014, a street protest in Zaria was marred by the fatal shooting of dozens of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, including three biological sons of Sheikh Zakzaky.

In a statement, the Nigerian army said the soldiers acted in self-defence, a claim the Islamic movement dismissed as preposterous.

Sheikh Zakzaky and his supporters were still mourning the 2014 Quds Day massacre when another mass killing took place in Zaria in 2015 at the hands of the Nigerian army, resulting in the deaths of over 340 other members of the movement.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenat have remained in detention at the Kaduna Correctional Center. A Kaduna State High Court judge is expected to issue the final ruling on the Sheikh Zakzaky case on Wednesday, July 28, where, according to his lawyers, no case can be made against the Islamic cleric.

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