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Islamic Unity confab is after upholding solidarity: Sunni cleric


Religious instructor at Sunni Seminary in Raz and Jargalan, Haj Ana Nafas Akhound Eizadi in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) lauded the effort made by World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought in mounting the annual conference of Islamic Unity and delineated the positive effect such gathering would bring for Islamic Unmmah.

Haj Ana Nafas Akhound Eizadi underscored the event organized by the top unity body would lay the ground for religious clerics so as to sit at talks and discuss the possible roadmaps for braving the existing setbacks.

“Each year the annual conference of Islamic unity is held with prominent religious Sunni and Shia clerics in attendance,” said Sunni cleric stating that during the event different decisions are made for furthering unity and rapprochement among Muslims.

“The presence of prominent faces of Islamic religions and pioneers in the realm of unity can be counted as the most effective weapon against the plots and machinations hatched by enemies,” said the religious instructor.

Haj Akhound Eizadi went on to stress that in coming confab, the issue of freedom of Palestine would be proposed and discussed. He enlarged on his line and stressed the reason for such proposal is the standing crisis including the catalogue of crimes, war and present situation of downtrodden people of Gaza does not just engaged Palestinian nations, but “this enmity aims at all Islamic Ummah and Islamic countries,” pointed out the Sunni cleric.

“Palestine is the symbol of Muslims’ esteem and autonomy and that is the reason why the enemies work in tandem so as to fulfill their malignant aims,” said Haj Akhound Eizadi.

The Sunni cleric went on to add, “That aim is destroying Muslims and their Islamic Values, and in doing so the enemies try to back the regime of Zionism in the region,” mentioned the religious instructor at Sunni Seminary in Raz and Jargalan.

“Unfortunately what we observed these days is that the so-called Islamic countries instead of defending people of Palestine, pave the way for regime of Zionism to perpetrate crimes,” underlined the Islamic Scholar.

Haj Akhound Eizadi urged Islamic countries to abide by the orders and teaching of Islam Prophet (PBUH) and stand against their enemies.

He went on to add, “The crimes perpetrated by the regime of Zionism is condemned and slammed by all divine religion.”

According to him, in the 28th international conference of Islamic Unity, religious clerics will offer different articles and in various meetings held at the sideline of the event, try their utmost so as to provide the way for releasing the occupied land of Palestine.

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