Islamic Awakening

“Islamic Unity conference, great achievement for Muslim community”

Member of the Islamic Supreme Council in Tunisia lauded Islamic Unity Conference as a great achievement for Muslim nation stressing unity among all religions as a necessity for happiness.

Mohammad Salah el Din al Mostofi, professor at Zeytouna University in Tunisia referred to the global reflection of the event around the world calling that a great achievement for Muslim nations.

He lauded the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought for holding Islamic unity conference and said the move has revived the culture of proximity among Muslims.

A participant of the Islamic unity conference also called the participants of the conference as the ambassadors from different countries in the forum and added a unified Islamic unity is not to realize in the short run.

“Muslim clerics and mass media play an important role in unity and gathering Muslims around the axis of monotheism,” said the Tunisian official and added the issue does not belong to Muslims when non-Muslims can try for a happy life if they follow the path.

He underscored that the Islamic Awakening is derived from Islamic unity saying, “This awakening is subject to some mistakes and shortcomings least that it is protected in the light of wisdom and that it does not suffice to mottos.”

Member of Islamic Supreme Council in Tunisia also referred to an alleviation of strives among Muslims and said, “Holding conferences like the Islamic Unity Conference can have an effective role in realization of the aims of Islamic Unity updating researchers and thinkers with the latest events.”

He also hailed an exchange of ideas among Muslim elites as another achievement of this conference and praised the positive outcomes of the conference for the Muslims around the world.

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