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‘Israel’ Deeply Concerned about Iran’s New President: Hezbollah Close to Raisi’s Heart

The Israeli circles reflected Tel Aviv’s deep concerns about the election of the new Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, citing his “radical hostility” against ‘Israel’.

The Zionist analysts advised their government to be more watchful as the new Iranian president is expected to be mainly committed to support the axis of resistance, adding that Sayyed Raisi considers Hezbollah as dear to his own heart.

The Zionist analysts added that ‘Israel’ must be prepared to face a harder geopolitical situation in light of the US decision to rejoin the nuclear deal with Iran and withdraw troops from the Middle East in order to face China.

In this regard, the Israeli media mentioned that PM Naftali Bennett informed the US President Joe Biden on his rejection of Iran’s nuclear deal, pointing, however, that Bennett reassured Biden he would not follow Netanyahu’s steps in opposing it.

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