Middle East

’Israel’ Drills to Face Hezbollah Shock Scenario: Heavy Rockets, Ground Invasion


The Zionist entity started “Shock Scenario” drills which simulates unprecedented attacks that target the occupied Palestinian territories during any upcoming war with Hezbollah.

The commander of the rescue forces in the Internal Front, Haim Rokeh said that the upcoming war with Hezbollah has not been witnessed by ‘Israel’ yet, noting that the his troops would not be able to save all the injured.

The Zionist media outlets pointed out that the Internal Front will drill to be able to face heavy rocketry attacks from Hezbollah.

The Zionist security estimations noted that ‘Israel’ will be under Hezbollah heavy rocketry fire as well as drone attacks and that the party will launch a ground invasion to reach the Palestinian city of Acre and to control a northern border settlement.

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