‘Israel’ Expects a New “Al-Quds Sword” Battle across Occupied Palestine

The Zionist circles considered that Damascus Gate clashes with Palestinians may slide into a new battle with Gaza resistance, describing such a scenario as the worst.

The Israeli media outlets highlighted the bravery of the Palestinian youths clashing with the Zionist cops, noting that the occupation forces were called up to face the Palestinians.

The Zionist media considered that the visit of the foreign minister Yair Lapid to Damascus Gate area would escalate the clashes with Palestinians and lead into an all-out confrontation across Palestine, similar to  “Al-Quds Sword” battle .

In this regard, the PM Neftali Bennett’s sources indicated that Lapid’s visit was not coordinated with Bennett, and the defense minister Benny Gantz criticized Lapid’s visit.

The Zionist media also warned against any escalation that leads to a new confrontation on the northern front with Hezbollah.

It is worth noting that, one year ago, a military confrontation erupted between the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and the Zionist enemy over the Israeli attacks on Al-Quds locals.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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