‘israel’, global arrogance two sides of same coin: Top Hezbollah official


A high-ranking figure of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has drawn parallels between the Tel Aviv regime and global arrogant powers, saying they share the characteristics of aggression and occupation.

“If we define Israel as an aggressor and occupier, our assessment of the global arrogance is the same. They work neither for the promotion of justice among world countries and nations nor the independence and rights of people. This comes in the face of all the claims they keep making,” Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said in a meeting with delegates from the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine in Beirut on Tuesday.

He added, “We (Hezbollah) have repeatedly expressed our unwavering support for the Palestinian resistance front, and stressed that we stand by the campaign that sacrifices its blood for the liberation of the entire occupied Palestinian territories rather than creation of two states.”

The senior Hezbollah further noted that the Palestinian resistance front is not confined to one particular form, and the Palestinian nation has showed great perseverance in this regard.

“Such conduct has fairly raised hope to strive for more achievements given the fact that Palestinians have offered heroic resistance and endured immense amount of suffering,” Qassem pointed out.

He stressed that Hezbollah supports the Palestinian resistance front that does not pave the way for construction of more settlements in occupied territories, and guarantees the unconditional and complete liberation of Palestinian lands so that Palestinians can return to their homeland both with honor and dignity.

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