“Israel”: Hizbullah Our Biggest Threat, Its Missiles Could Cover Us

“Hizbullah is “Israel’s biggest threat. That’s the outcome that “Israeli” military concluded recently.

The “Israeli” “Ynet” daily uncovered that “in wake of ongoing debate over possible “Israeli” attack on Iran, security assessments indicate that biggest threat to “Israel” is not Islamic Republic’s missiles but rather Hizbullah’s ability to fire rockets at “Israel”.”

“The continuous debate over a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities has sparked further discussion about the major security threats Israel currently faces,” the daily stated.
In a reflection to Hizbullah’s nightmare that governs “Israeli” to arena, the paper further mentioned that “while senior security establishment officials vehemently warn against the ramifications of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, security and government assessments indicate that the biggest threat to “Israel” is a deadly response from Iran’s ally Hizbullah.”

” Hizbullah’s leader [Sayyed] Hassan Nasrallah has previously warned that its missiles and rockets could strike anywhere inside the Jewish state,” the paper warned.
A governmental source claimed that “Hizbullah is the long arm of Iran, adding that “this terrorist organization will undoubtedly barrage “Israel” with thousands of missiles.”

” It won’t begin with Kiryat Shmona and end in Haifa, but will reach further into “Israel”. Hizbullah could cover “Israel” with rockets,” he cautioned.
According to additional “Israeli” assessments, “Hizbullah has acquired medium-long range Scud missiles.”
When asked why “Israel” has yet to launch a preemptive strike on the Hizbullah targets, the source said that “a preemptive attack means instigating war. We can’t constantly be in a state of endless fighting.”

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