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‘israel’ in possession of 115 nukes: US think tank



The Israeli regime has stockpiled an arsenal of over 100 nuclear warheads, according to an American think tank.

In a report released on Friday, Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) claimed that Israel holds within its arsenal 115 surface-to-surface and submarine-launched nuclear cruise missiles, along with weapons adjusted to be carried by warplanes.

The think tank which is based in Washington, DC, also revealed in its report that since the onset of producing plutonium at its Dimona nuclear plant in December 1963, the Tel Aviv regime has produced 660 kg of the material which is mainly used to make the warheads.

The ISIS noted that between three to five kilograms of plutonium goes into a single nuclear weapon has.

“Based on the total production of plutonium, the median for the number of nuclear weapons is about 165 with a standard deviation of 33 and a full range of about 90-290 weapons. Likely, Israel did not build this many nuclear weapons. A reasonable assumption is that the number of deployed weapons is 30 percent lower, or 115 nuclear weapons as of the end of 2014,” former UN nuclear inspector and the founder and President of ISIS, David Albright noted in the report

It is also alleged in the study that “Israel has a wide range of delivery vehicles for its nuclear weapons.”

This is while, under an official policy of “nuclear ambiguity,” the regime has never publicly acknowledged the very existence of its nuclear program, let alone the size of its nuclear arsenal.

However, it is believed that Dimona nuclear facilities are also the home to Israel’s nuclear weapons.

Similar studies put the regime’s number of nuclear weapons at between 80 and 200.

Israel’s nuclear activities were uncovered when whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu, originally a technician at Dimona nuclear facility, handed overwhelming evidence of the regime’s nuclear program to Britain’s Sunday Times in 1986.

Based on the evidence, experts estimated that Israel had produced at least 100 nuclear weapons.

The news comes amid heightened debate in the US over the release of Jonathan Pollard, a nuclear spy, who had been imprisoned in a US jail since 1985 for selling classified American documents to Israel.

The American spy was granted Israeli “citizenship” 20 years ago, long after his conviction.

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