‘israel intervening in Syria through covert incursions’


Zionist regime has dispatched a battalion of Combat Intelligence Coalition Corps half a kilometer inside Syria’s territory on back-to-back incursions to observe all developments and eavesdrop on military conversations there. 

Richard Silverstein, a journalist and political commentator from Seattle, believes that by dispatching troopers into Syrian territory, Israeli authorities are in fact seeking to intervene in Syria’s developments through gathering intelligence and working out assassination methods at a time when Syrian forces are busy pushing back foreign-sponsored militants.

“They send their soldiers across and plant surveillance devices that can monitor communications amongst Hezbollah and the Syrian [government],” Silverstein said.

“This [infiltration] also enables them to mount assassination attacks against Hezbollah and Syrian generals,” he noted.

The analyst said, “This sort of surveillance and spying enables Israel to intervene in a way that is less overt than sending armed divisions and brigades across to intervene directly.”

Israeli forces are monitoring events both in Lebanon and Syria and are violating the territorial sovereignty of both countries by sending their troops there, he explained.

An Israeli Hermes 900 unmanned plane gets ready to fly near the Syrian border, on November 29, 2016 in the illegally annexed Golan Heights. (Photo by AFP)


He further pointed to Israel’s problematic relations with Arab and Muslim nations around the occupied territories of Palestine.

“Israel is in a constant state of war and conflict with its neighbors with the exception of Egypt and Jordan,” the commentator said.

According to Silverstein, “Israel has since 1948 been in conflict with Syria and it has conquered the Golan and occupied it in violation of international law. Israel has not negotiated its border with Lebanon either.”

Israel has repeatedly attacked military targets in Syria in what is considered as an attempt to prop up terrorist groups, who have been suffering heavy defeats at the hands of Syrian armed forces.

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