‘Israel not capable to attack powerful Iran’

the_iranian_military_640_03Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon has reiterated that the Zionist regime of Israel is not capable of launching a military attack on (powerful) Iran.

Talking to Al-Mayadeen TV channel, Ghazanfar Roknabadi referred to the continued defeats of the Zionists in front of the Resistance in Palestine and Lebanon and questioned Tel Aviv’s capability to materialize its war rhetoric.
He said Iran has got the point that the Zionist officials are embarrassed as indicated by the precipitated visit to Washington by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his attempts there to ruin the positive atmosphere created between Iran and the Western countries, but to no avail.
The Iranian ambassador also shed light on the causes of the violent and unprecedented crises in the region and the revengeful plots hatched by the Zionist regime against the Resistance and its forefront, Syria, and said the only remedy in the region, to preserve the Islamic sanctities in particular, is Resistance.

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