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‘Israel’ to Be Drowned in Mediterranean If Fraudulently Imposes Gas Extraction as De Facto on Lebanon

Disregarding long years of hard negotiations between the Lebanese officials and the US envoys, whose stance always adopted the Israeli viewpoint, the Zionist enemy announced recently that it would start on September 1 extracting the maritime gas and export it into Europe via Egypt even without reach an agreement that respects Lebanon’s rights.

This arrogant entity, supported by the world powers, infringes on the rights of the individuals and nations without respecting any consideration.

Lebanese Official Stance

In light of the multidimensional crisis in Lebanon, the Lebanese government felt helpless in face of the new Zionist aggression.

October 1, 2020, Lebanon’s House Speaker Nabih Berri announced the framework agreement representing the basis for the launch of indirect negotiations between Lebanon and the Zionist entity on demarcating the land and maritime borders.

Aoun Mikati

Later on, President Michel Aoun led took over the negotiation file, appointing a team of negotiators who engaged in several rounds of indirect talks in Naqoura sponsored by United Nations and mediated by the United States.

Hezbollah Response

However, in Lebanon, there is also a Resistance that has always been there to defend the nation and its rights despite all the sacrifices.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah clearly maintained that ‘Israel’ will not be able to extract gas if Lebanon is prevented to do so, threatening to strike all the Zionist gas platforms along the occupied Palestinian coast. 

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah

Indeed, on July 2, Hezbollah flew three drones over the Israeli platforms in Karish gas field which lies in the disputable zone, sending a powerful message that warns the enemy against any infringement.

On July 31, Hezbollah military media released a video which shows the Israeli platforms operating in the Mediterranean, warning the Zionist enemy of its attempts to plunder Lebanon’s gas and oil fields.

The video shows surveillance scenes taken from land and air, some form yesterday, for Israeli vessels at the Karish field near the Lebanese maritime borders.

Israeli Scheme

Zionist energy minister Karine Elharrar disregarded September 1 as a date for starting the maritime gas extraction project, claiming that the firms are concerned with identifying the inauguration date.

All political observers know that ‘Israel’ is facing an unprecedented dilemma-either surrendering to Hezbollah or engaging in a destructive war.

During the four remaining weeks before September 1, ‘Israel’ is expected to fraudulently imposing the gas extraction as de facto by denying the intention to start extracting from Karish oilfield on September 1, while, in reality, the firms begin the extraction operations on time. 

The Zionist enemy, during the remaining duration, will also try to create chaos in Lebanon, via spies and some anti-Hezbollah political parties. Such a sedition in Lebanon would, according to the Zionists, prevent Hezbollah from using its full power against ‘Israel’.

For instance, some Lebanese political parties are trying to promote, via the various media outlets, the notion that all what Hezbollah carries out is ordered by the Iranian leadership in order to oppose any probable military resistance act in face of the Israeli infringement on the Lebanese rights.

Resolute Decision

Member of Hezbollah Central Council Sheikh Nabil Qawook said that, if the Zionist officials know about Hezbollah military preparations to strike the Israeli maritime gas platforms, they will not be able to sleep.


Thus, Hezbollah has taken a resolute decision that the Zionist entity will be drowned in the Mediterranean if Lebanon is prevented from exploiting its resources which are expected to change dramatically the economic and political situation locally and regionally.

The former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said, “If ‘Israel’ allows Lebanon to develop the Qana field on its own, it will be a capitulation to the Lebanese position, with enormous geostrategic and economic consequences for ‘Israel’.”

Finally, all the Israeli tactics and schemes will be frustrated by the vigilant Resistance in Lebanon which will enjoy economic prosperity after it has become militarily powerful, despite all the challenges.

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