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‘Israel’ Will Be Alone in Face of Iran: Zionist Daily Haaretz

The Zionist circles followed up the repercussions of the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, in late November and the dramatic regional changes expected to follow the inauguration of the US President-elect, Joe Biden.

Union Center for Research and Development prepared an analytical infographic based on reports issued by the Zionist paper, Haaret, disclosing strategic facts about the confrontation between the Zionist entity and the Islamic Republic.

The report pointed out that the assassination of martyr Fakhrizadeh as well as previous strikes indicate sophisticated intelligence capabilities, which confirms the Zionist involvement in the mentioned crimes.

“US outgoing President Donald Trump worked hard to reinforce the Israeli-Gulf ties and sold sophisticated weaponry in the context of a strategy aimed at transferring the security responsibility in face of Iran to ‘Israel’ and the Gulf states.”

According to the report, even President-elect, Joe Biden, seems to be unready to use the US military resources to defend ‘Israel’ against any of its enemies.

“The Gulf states also denounced the assassination of martyr Fakhrizadeh and denied involvement in the strike for fear of any Iranian strike.”

Meanwhile, the report noted that the Islamic Republic continue its Uranium Enrichment Operations despite the economic crisis escalated by the pandemic, adding that Iran will reinforce its role in the Middle East after the US military withdrawal.

The report concluded that ‘Israel’ would face Iran alone, pointing out that the Zionist government would be in need of seeking the adequate ways to establish a successful cooperation with Biden’s administration.

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